To answer the question What is Dominican Coral Stone? first we need to ask, What Is Coral? and this will lead us to the answer as to What Is Dominican Coral Stone?
Here is A brief history:
It is known that over the 500 million years, during which corals are known to have existed, they have experienced a number of extinction events. These extinction events were largely the result of dramatic changes in their environment, such as we are seeing today. Coral began to gain a foothold around 46 million years ago before disappearing for the last time in the Mid-Eocene period, around 40 million years ago. (Finally around 20 million years ago, the Great Barrier Reef, located off the west coast of Australia came into existence.)
Oceans that once existed are now buried deep inside the interior of the Earth, in the mantle.


Dominican Coral Stone is different from coral, that is to say, coral mining is the process of actively removing live coral directly from the sea. The process is very destructive to the sea and is sometimes carried out by dangerous machinery. Perhaps this occurs in other parts of the world, we are unsure therefor can not be specific; Although we can confidently say, this Does Not happen in the country of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Coral stone, is formed from fossils of sea organisms such as calcareous algae, corals (from which it gets its name) and other organisms with a calcium carbonate base. The substance is formed from fossils that were in the sea millions of years ago. Stone producers where the coral stone is mined is on land, and does not present any risk to our coral reefs.
coral stone from Dominican
Dominican Coral Stone:  is a type of limestone found in Caribbean, particularly for Stone World Canada in the country of Dominican Republic, where the best quality of stone is found. Dominican Coral Stone contains coral, shell fossils, and sand, all of which have been naturally compacted and solidified over the course of time. All of this, gives the stone its’ unique qualities of strength, durability, and elegance.
Stone World Canada partners with the best quality stone producer, who we know first hand produces the best high quality stone blocks.

Our Dominican Coral Stone is very durable and dense. it has a beautiful neutral color and rich texture that also features natural fossil patterns. It is a versatile natural stone for use in exterior and interior projects. 

When you choose to purchase Dominican Coral Stone for your home building and home renovation projects, you are buying an extraordinary piece of history from many millions of years ago. As the author of this post, I have to say “that’s really fascinating!”


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Why settle for imitation when there’s truly nothing better than the real thing! and if you look close enough you will find inclusions of fossilized shells, marine life and plant life. It is beautifully unique and interesting, and such a wonderful conversation piece to include in your home building projects and your home renovation projects.

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