Stone Coping Supplier

Stone World Canada is a stone coping supplier located in London, Ontario. Stone Coping is a very popular stone product used for many different applications, including new swimming pool projects and swimming pool renovation projects.

We offer stone coping supplies in a variety of colors, bullnose and rockface coping. Stone World Canada, a Natural Stone Supplier in London Ontario offers Full Loads Only, at reasonable prices. We do not have a retail yard.
Note: Stone Coping orders can be combined with the other products we sell.  See stone product list here.

Available Sizes:
12”,14 and 16”wide and 4’,5’,6’,7’ and  8’ long
Finishes: Natural, Flamed, Sandblasted
Thickness: 2 Inches
Edges: Hand cut, Bullnose, Sawn.
Variety of colors. granite, sandstone and limestone.

We also offer Stone Installation Services for many different projects in London Ontario to Sarnia/Windsor area

We maintain distributorship with an elite group of stone quarries. Stone World Canada supplies a selective line of Landscaping Stone & Building Stone to clients, in Ontario, Quebec and a few U.S. regions.

View our selective line of stone supplies here.

View a sample of our projects here.

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