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Stone World Canada offers patio designs and patio installers. We design, supply, and install front yard and backyard stone patios. Our stone patio designs and patio installations offer both landscaping and stone masonry expertise!

Patio Designs and Patio Installers located in London Ontario
Designed with the beauty of natural stone!

We Specialize in Natural Stone, and this is why we enhance landscaping projects with the beauty of natural stone.

There is so much pleasure creating beautifully designed stone patio projects.

We supply and install front yard landscaping projects and backyard landscaping projects with patios & walkways, stone retaining walls, stone sitting walls, stone planters, stone for front yard and backyard door landings, porches, steps and more!

Patio Designs and Patio Installers London Ontario
Beautiful backyard living space!

The possibilities of creating amazing landscape designs are endless. Creativity and Imagination are key, and so is knowledge, experience and expertise! You can count on Stone World Canada to offer all of this in our service to you.

There are more landscape elements that can also be added to your patio design and patio installation.

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Custom Built Outdoor Fireplaces with stone, supplied and installed by Stone World Canada located in London Ontario.

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