Ontario Stone Suppliers

Ontario Stone Suppliers for landscape stone and building stone. Today, we offer a selective group of landscape stone products and building stone products. We do not have a retail location. We sell full loads only, shipped direct to you.

Waterfall Stone and Landscape Rocks
Amazing Waterfall Stone / Landscape Boulders

Ontario Stone Suppliers | Landscape Stone & Building Stone:

Pennsylvania Bluestone Square Cut Flagstone
(* special order)

Square Cut Flagstone
(Full loads only. This item can be combined for full load)

Stone Coping / Stone Pool Coping
(Full loads only. This item can be combined for full load)

Stone Slabs / Outdoor Kitchen Countertops
(Full loads only. This item can be combined for full load)

Stone Steps
(Full loads only. This item can be combined for full load)

Med to Large Waterfall Stone
( full load delivery)

Med to Large Landscape Rockery
(full load delivery)

Dominican Coral Building Stone
(* special order)

We provide natural stone to our clients in Ontario, Quebec and select U.S. regions. We’ve been in the stone business since 1995, And our previous experience in the stone industry adds a combined 39 years of expertise.

“You know we love Stone! That’s why We Specialize in Natural Stone!”

Here’s What We Sell!

Flagstone – Bluestone

Bluestone Flagstone is highly desirable! Amazing colors & unique texture!

Flagstone – Square Cut

Square Cut Flagstone. A Variety of Beautiful Color Blends!

Natural Stone Coping

Stone Coping / Pool Coping, Bullnose Stone Coping & Rockface!

Natural Stone Slabs

Stone Slabs, Outdoor Kitchen Island Countertops. What A Beautiful Touch!

Natural Stone Steps

Natural Stone Steps come in a variety of finishes; natural, flamed, or bush hammered!

Waterfall Boulders

Beautiful Large Waterfall Stones, Garden Walls and Landscape Sitting Rocks!

Med to Large Rockery

Medium to Large Landscape Rockery, Enhances a natural landscape project!

Caribbean Coral Stone

Coral Stone Beautifully Unique. A building Stone Design Project!

Stone World Canada partners with an elite group of stone producers from various locations, this enables us to provide top quality stone products while keeping overheads low and prices fair and affordable.

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