Dominican Republic Coral Stone Partners

Stone World Canada is the Exclusive, Dominican Republic Coral Stone Partners/Distributors, representing our Esteem Dominican Coral Stone Quarry Partners. Over many years we have developed close relations with our highly regarded and trustworthy partners. We are honored to represent Only The Best Coral Stone products available from the Dominican Republic. We continuously work with our stone quarry partners at the quarry sites to ensure high quality materials with adequate and efficient production scenarios.

Dominican Coral Stone is a 'Special Order' product that ships directly to us from the Dominican Republic. We handle all the details in between, from communication with our quarry partners, including a careful overview of all the stone order specifications, onsite quarry visits and production visits while also coordinating the orders for container shipping from port to port. The entire process is a combined effort that is handled with great care; from beginning to end we're with our clients, our partners and the container vessels, every steps of the way; including right to the arrival of the containers at the port destination and delivery of the stone.

Dominican Coral Stone - Home Design

Dominican Republic Coral Stone is a beautifully unique and interesting Natural Building Stone. Coral Stone is used for stone masonry on building projects and interior stone design projects. With a range of available styles this Building Stone is a dream to inspire a unique modern look or even a classic to rustic look. Exterior or Interior, the use of our Dominican Coral Stone is visually spectacular! A Natural Stone that is both historical and stunning!

Other services we provide are: Blueprint Take-Offs, On-Site Measurements and Job Site Management. We are a small and mighty team of like-minded people. We keep our overheads low, our prices fair and affordable and our products top quality.