"Do I need a landscape designer to prepare a landscape design?"

When you're thinking about having your property professionally landscaped, you might find yourself questioning, if you need a landscape designer to prepare a landscape design.

Hiring a landscape designer for landscape designs, really depends on many factors, one important factor is the quality of expertise and experience of the landscape construction team you hire, however below are important points to consider before you begin.

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Landscape Designs by Stone World

Stone World Landscaping Contractors in London Ontario, recognizes that landscaping is a very diverse area of expertise with so many different options available for every situation. Chances are that unless a landscape project is a basic square stone patio on its own, you are going to need at least a basic landscape design drawing.

Landscape designs may range in detail and complexity, which also includes if you need both Landscape Contractors and Stone Masons, because there are times that your landscape project actually requires both expertise.

Landscape Designs are for making present and future plans for your backyard landscaping
BBQ area with Pizza Oven and sitting area

In either case, it needs to be accurate and feasible. This involves a first meeting to establish the needs of the client and discuss some ideas. Stone World would prepare a detailed site survey that would include all existing structures, trees, land forms, grades, etc.

This will serve as a tool to prepare the landscape design drawing. Then another meeting to present the landscape drawing or landscape plan to refine and finalize other details. This service is time consuming and its' value should be recognized. 

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Why is a landscape design drawing so important?

Every job site is different and every client has different likes and needs. It is important that the landscape contractor is able to achieve the clients' landscaping goals by listening to the clients' needs, and contributing their own ideas and incorporating changes on paper. The landscape design should satisfy or exceed expectations.

Whether simple or complex, a design drawing should be viewed as a tool to plan responsibly, enhance a property and add an outdoor extension to the outdoor living space. A landscape design serves as a tool to the landscape contractor to produce an accurate landscape quotation for the project. It allows both the client and the landscape contractor to establish phases of installation to ensure completing the project in a logical order.

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stone patios and stone pool coping for swimming pools by stone world London Ontario

For example, before having a stone patio area installed, consider having a design drawing for the entire backyard, to ensure the future landscape installation of backyard elements such as;  hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, outdoor stone fireplaces and more!

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